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Research into bees is important for understanding how we can protect and sustain these important pollinators. We are introducing our offer to organisations,  businesses and individuals to sponsor one of our beehives. 

We are offering the options of Platinium, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorship which will enable to you to:

  • Host an attended beehive on your premises
  • Display an elegant certificate of participation in your offices
  • Name the Queen Bee in your colony
  • Have your company logo displayed on your beehive
  • Receive complimentary honey and further discounts on purchased honey
  • Discounted rates for attending our orientation and basic bee-keeping courses
  • Discounts on candles and wax products
  • Exclusive access to our unique business venue
  • Discounted rates for our corporate venue hire at Hilborough Mill for team meetings and board meetings
  • Live streaming to your organisation of audio and visual data of your bee's activity. The data will also be used to inform meta data sets as part of the World Bee Project
  • Make a corporate statement about your organisation's commitment to supporting bees, the environment and the agrarian economy in Norfolk

For more information please contact or 07976352003


  • Take a look at the gallery to see our range of candles and wax products
  • We will make to order and can also take commissions if you have something in mind that we dont already stock



Whilst we know a lot about bees, there are some aspects of their ecology and life-cycle that remain hidden from the beekeeper and scientist. We know from current evidence that the noise that bees make indicates that certan events such as swarming or queen replacement are being planned and organised by the colony. We also know that temperature and humidity affect bee health, well-being and behaviour.

In order to understand this and the relationships between these factors we are developing micro technologies which mean that we can measure frequency, temperature and humidity. Using a Raspberry PI computer we have proof of concept for a system that can send us real time data that can be monitored to alert us to changes in bee activity and provide meta data for comparative analysis of colony behaviours.

Live data showing the frequency of bee noise, internal temperature and humidity of the hive

Sponsorship options

Sponsorship Features

Platinum (£500)

Gold (£250)

Silver (£200)

Bronze (£150)

Attended beehive on your premises


Corporate hive in one of our aipiaries with your  logo




Certificate of participation





Complimentary honey

12 jars

9 jars

6 jars

6 jars

Discounts on purchases





Discounts on venue hire at Hilborough




Live streaming of audio visual hive activity to your organisation



Discount on your staff attendance at our courses






In 202o we will be launching our  Bee-keeping orientation, beginners courses and discussion forums.

Beekeeping orientation (half day)

Beekeeping is not just for Christmas, to borrow a saying. Even one hive requires investment, time attention and resources. Therefore we have designed a special half day orientation for people who are attracted to beekeeping but not sure what it involves or whether they would like it. We will demonstrate the whole process, introducing the key concepts of apiary management and honey production.

Cost: £50.00 per person

The Basics of Beekeeping (full day)

This practical course will introduce you to the fundamentals of  beekeeping. We follow the good practice guidleines set out by the BBKA and will help you understand:

  • Before you begin: siting, neighbours, forage and time
  • Constructing a hive
  • Introducing bees
  • Basic bee ecology
  • How to inspect your bees and what to look for
  • Pests and diseases and their management
  • Removing and extracting honey
  • Support and on-going education

Cost: £100.00 per person

Topic seminars and discussion and learning  forums (3 hours)

Theory is one thing and practice something else altogether. We know from experience that it takes time to understand bees and to know what is normal and what is not. To support our students we will be  organising group discussion sessions on a regular basis to assist on-going learning 

Cost: £25.00 per person

For details, dates and prices please contact us at

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